Marriage and family law

We are happy to advise you on the entire spectrum of family law matters. This includes all legal disputes between persons who are related to one another by marriage or relatives.

From clarifying a parent-child relationship to drafting contracts between spouses and resolving inheritance law issues, we strive to find out-of-court and amicable settlements. If there are disputes, we will represent you in court.

The focus of our work includes:

  • Drafting marriage contracts
  • Advice during the separation period and regulation of the consequences of separation
  • judicial representation in divorce proceedings
  • Advice and representation in asset disputes
  • Assertion of profit equalization claims
  • Enforcement of maintenance claims from children, spouses and illegitimate mothers, fathers and parents
  • Child custody and access rights
  • Will and succession regulations

Family law is constantly changing. We would be happy to inform you about current developments in jurisprudence and legislation, also in other areas of law on inheritance, corporate, social and tax law issues that are related to family law.

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