Internet and data protection

Internet law

Internet law covers a large number of legal issues that can arise in the digital world as a catchphrase:

Regardless of whether you use the Internet as an entrepreneur or as a private person, we are your contact. Our spectrum ranges from the mandatory information in the imprint, the design of terms and conditions in an online shop in the context of e-commerce to the creation of data protection declarations.

We support you with warnings and advise you on how you can avoid warnings on the Internet.

Are you looking for the right domain for your website? We will help you find a name and clarify trademark and name rights for you.

Have the content of your website, photos or videos been "stolen" and used by third parties without authorization? We are at your side in these matters too.

Our portfolio covers the entire spectrum of Trademark law, copyright law and the Competition law .

Compliance and data protection

We are your partner in the identification of risks and in the avoidance of damage and / or fines, both in your company and for you personally as an acting body, especially but not only in the area of ​​data protection.

Compliance - what is it?

Compliance with legal norms to avoid damage and liability cases of the company and the acting management has increased massively in importance in recent years. Due to a large number of new legal regulations, it is becoming more and more difficult for both companies and the acting bodies to identify and comply with the relevant regulations in day-to-day business. As the number of regulations increases, so does the probability of violating one of the regulations and thus triggering third-party claims for damages, fines and official proceedings, for example. This brings compliance as risk prevention into focus: a systematic analysis is used to identify risks before damage or liability occurs and to take the necessary measures.

We support and advise you preventively in the analysis of your individual risk situation, work out measures with you to minimize the risks such as

  • Internal company organization measures
  • Definition of responsibilities, reporting and control obligations
  • by drawing up internal guidelines such as a code of conduct
  • the implementation of training courses for your employees and managers
  • the establishment of an internal system for reporting compliance violations, keyword "whistleblowing"

But even if there have already been legal violations, we are there for you, happy to support and advise you in dealing with the violations and in initiating the necessary measures.

As a managing director, are you exposed to claims for damages? We help the management or board of directors of a company in liability cases, both in avoiding liability and in defending against asserted claims.


The subject of data protection has not only taken on a completely new dynamic with the entry into force of the DSGO in May 2018: data protection is relevant for all companies of all sizes and affects almost all areas of entrepreneurial activity. Among other things, customer, patient, supplier and employee data want to be processed in a legally compliant manner in order to avoid claims for damages by the persons concerned and fines from the supervisory authority.

Our range of advice covers compliance with the legal requirements of data protection, such as

  • The fulfillment of information obligations
  • Processing agreements
  • Privacy Statements
  • consent

Have you suffered a data protection breach or a hacker attack?
We do not advise on compliance with legal regulations, but on all data protection violations, be it as a result of an external hacker attack or due to an internal cause.

Which reporting obligations have to be fulfilled, which measures have to be taken?

We support you in fulfilling your obligations towards the supervisory authority, in dealing with data protection violations and the measures to be taken.

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